Steven Branfman, Founder and Director

Meet The Potter:

Years in clay: A lot! I started in college in 1971. You count the years!
Why clay?: Tactile and organic nature of the material.
Where did I learn: Cortland State University with my first mentor John Jessiman with whom I am dear friends.
Favorite part of clay: Throwing.
Least favorite: Glazing.
When I'm not in the studio: Are you kidding? teaching, writing, travel, workshops, cycling, family,,,,,,,,,
What has clay taught me: Humility.
Goal as a potter for yourself and for your work: For me-to live a life of hands on creativity. For my work-constant growth, development, sophistication. To understand and express beauty.
Favorite styles or techniques: Ummm.....raku?
Favorite potters and why:

  • Warren Mackenzie-humble, natural, unassuming.
  • Val Cushing-passion, humanity, spirit
  • Ah Leon-precise, realistic, abstract.
  • Peter Voulkos-strength, power, surface.
  • Don Reitz-personality, volume.
  • Lucie Rie-grace, elegance, comfort.
  • Margurite Wildenhain-control, imagry.
  • Favorite clay quote:
  • It is both the exercise of making clay things-handling and firing them, as well as the intimacy of touching, living with, and using them which drive me to make more.  Jared Branfman